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Call for basic research proposals in natural science in 2011

The National Foundation for Science and Technology Development will accept basic research applications in natural science from late 2011 – early 2012. The deadline to submit application is 16:30 29/4/2011. Application received after the deadline will be processed for the next funding term.
  1. Objectives:
  • Build a durable, innovative and conducive environment to research activities at universities and institutes
  • Improve the research capacity of young scientists and establish research centers that meet international standards and develop high-quality human resources in science and technology
  • Enhance the quality of scientific research and increase the number of Vietnamese research published in ISI-covered journals.
  • Promote international cooperation and integration in basic research and scientific research in general
  1. Subjects applied:
Basic research in natural science: Mathematics, Physics and Astrology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mechanics, Life sciences, Earth sciences and multi-field sciences

    3.   Eligibility:

Scientists, from universities, research institutes and organizations of science and technology in Viet Nam, who meet all the requirements according to Nafosted’s Regulations
  1. Application:
  • Application form(Form M1e);
  • Project proposal(Form M2e);
  • Scientific curriculum vitae(s) of project leader and teammates along with related documents as proof:(Form M3, M3e)
  • Corroborate Documents for research accomplishments (2 accomplishment that are, as for the author, highest in scientific value, published in the last 5 years)

In addition, scientists can utilize our Online Management System – OMS to create and submit the application. After signing in, click on “Create a new application” and follow the instruction. Your scientific CV will be saved and updated in the next funding terms.

Complete application must be sent to the foundation executive office in 2 formats:

  • Hard copy: 03 copies (01 sealed copy the host organization) in Vietnamese  and 01 in  English
  • Electronic copy: stored in data storage devices such as CD, DVD, USB (Word file or Pdf file, font Times New Roman, font size 12, in Unicode)
  • The supported documents (papers published in internationally recognized scientific journal, patent…): only 01 copy not to be bound with the research proposal.
Details on eligibility and application registration procedure are specified in “Regulation on deploying basic research in natural research funded by National Foundation for science and technology development”. Scientists should read the regulations before writing the proposal. There are a few changes to the regulations of 2010:
  • The valid host/sponsor organization must be a scientific and technological organization with independent legal status, have its own seal and account at the State’s treasury
  • One original application must be sealed and reproduced in 2 copies
  • The application must strictly follow the Foundation’s regulation. An incomplete application will not be considered. If possible, the Foundation will have the English application evaluated by foreign professors (peer review) before sending  it to the Scientific Committee
  • Scientific CV (hard copy) must be signed by the author and quote the ISSN index for each international publication
  • Expected research results  must be distinct for national and ISI-covered journals
  • Vietnamese participant working abroad for over 6 months is credited for maximum 3 working months of that same year.
  • Basic salary was defined by the State from May 1st, 2010 at VND 730.000 per month. It was adjusted to VND 830 000/month in 2011, project leaders can create the budgetplan according to the new regulation.
Deadline for submission of application to the grant program of basic research in natural science is at the latest at 16.30 on April 29th, 2011. Application sent after the deadline will be processed in the next selection term.
Before submitting the application, the project manager must fill in the application record (02 copies) (PKHS) to confirm the application’s content and submission.Grant Procedure

  • Review and classify application: 5/2011
  • Evaluate and select application: 6/2011 – 8/2011
  • Announce selected projects: 9/2011
  • Complete and sign contract: 10/2011
  • Issue grant: 11/2011
Send the application to:
Administrative Department
National Foundation for Science and Technology Development
38 Ngo Quyen, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. Tel: (04) 39367750
Documents about funding in basic research in natural science:
In Vietnamese only