Funding program in basic research

1. Scope of funding:
Basic research in Mathematics; Physical sciences and astronomy; Chemistry; Computer sciences; Mechanics; Life sciences (Including: Biology – Agriculture and Biomedicine – Pharmacology) and Earth sciences.
2. Eligible applicants:
All scientists affiliated with universities, research institutions of science and technology in Vietnam

3. Grant application

  • Application form
  • Research proposal
  • Curriculum vitae of Principal Investigator and members

4. Evaluation criteria

  • Potential impact of the research
  • Originality and innovation of the work
  • Feasibility of the proposed research
  • Scientific capacity and expertise of the applicant
  • Expected results and scientific significance
  • Research Plan

5. Evaluation process
Scientific Committee has 2 meeting session: Preparation Session and Official selection. In preparation session, the Scientific Committee proposes the selection of reviewers for each subject. After the preparation session, the Executive Officer contacts, invites and sends subjects documents to reviewers selected following the proposal of the Scientific Committee.
Reviewers have responsibility to independently assess subjects basing on the evaluation form and send assessment results to Executive Officer within 03-04 weeks from the date of receipt.
In the official session to consider the selection, the Scientific Committee discusses basing on the comments of reviewers and voting results. The subjects proposed to be funded must be agreed by two reviewers and must have approval of above 50% Scientific Committee members. The outcome of the meeting is a list of subjects recommended for funding.