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Announcement on Inspection of using funds for basic research projects in Natural Sciences and Engineering 2016

According to the annual plan, in order to synthesize data for final accounts and to serve as a basis for subsequent grants disbursement as contract progress (or acceptance and liquidation of the completed project), NAFOSTED will inspect the use of funds and conduct expenses settlement of the funded projects in the fields of Natural Sciences and Engineering. The implementation period is scheduled for February – April 2017.

For a smooth and quick inspection process, the host institutions and relative departments (Accounting department acting as the coordinator) shall coordinate with Principal Investigator to prepare following documents:

–           Synthesized report and detailed report on budget for the project (Annex 01 and Appendix 02) (download here)

–           Records, original documents related to the use of funds in the reporting period

The reports (Annex 01 and Annex 02) shall be sent to NAFOSTED by post and emailed to the financial secretary before January 20, 2017.

NAFOSTED will inspect the use of funds for projects of which full reports are submitted in accordance with regulations. For projects that fail to submit reports, NAFOSTED shall not inspect the situation on the use of funds and refuse to provide further grants for them.

An official dispatch will be sent to the host institutions by post.