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Guidance conference on VIIP Subproject proposals for proposing organizations of C1 and C2 Subprojects – Round II/2015

Following the request of Mr. Richard Adams, VIIP international expert and on the approval of World Bank and PMU, on 3rd November 2015, NAFOSTED hold conference on “C1/C2 Subproject proposal preparedness Guide” at Minister of Defense’s Guest House (No. 33, Pham Ngu Lao street, Hanoi) to provide instructions on completing proposals for organizations submitting C1 and C2 subproject proposals in Round II/2015. Representatives of those organizations, PMU and World Bank have attended the conference.

At the conference, Mr. Richard Adam clarified the concept of “inclusive innovations for the benefit of the Base of Pyramid population”; listed results of proposal quality in Round II/2015, in which he concentrated in some existing issues on VIIP subproject preparedness (for C1 to C4 proposals). He also provided information that needed to be indicated clearly when preparing proposals and selecting appropriate subproject category C1 or C2.

Following Mr. Richard’s presentation, there have been Q&A section to provide proposal organizations with better understanding of VIIP, thus be able to continue their further amendment and supplements for Subproject proposal and define the appropriate categories in line with their research objectives (between C1 and C2).

The deadline of submitting subproject proposal to NAFOSTED is 18th November 2015 (only 2 copies of amendment or supplemental documents to the original proposals, such as: application letter, proposal (in English and Vietnamese), 3 appendices, biographical sketches of subproject authors, collaboration certificates,… are required).

See full presentations by Mr. Richard Adams (English and Vietnamese) below

Download materials (Vietnamese)
Download materials (English)
Conference and Q&A video