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Call for basic research propopsals in natural science in 2013

Within the framework of the Grant Program of Basic Research in Natural Science, the National Foundation for Science and Technology Development announces the funding plan for 2013.
1. Objectives:

  • Build a durable, innovative and conducive environment to natural science research activities at universities and institutes
  • Improve the research capacity of young scientists and establish research centers that meet international standards and develop high-quality human resources in natural science
  • Enhance the quality of scientific research and increase the number of Vietnamese research published in ISI-covered journals.
  • Promote international cooperation and integration in basic research and scientific research in general.

2. Scope of funding:
Basic research in Mathematics; Physical sciences and astronomy; Chemistry; Computer sciences; Mechanics; Life sciences; Earth sciences and interdisciplinary sciences.
3. Eligibility of applicants:
a, Science and technology organizations doing basic research, Vietnamese citizen scientists doing basic research within the funded scientific fields
b, Foreign science and technology organizations, scientists doing collaborative research with Vietnamese organizations and scientists mentioned above
Requirements for Principal Investigator and team members:
a. Principal Investigator:
– has appropriate expertise, is doing research at an organization of science and technology. In the case that the project leader is not affiliated to any organization, he must be sponsored and approved by a reputable organization in appropriate field;
– has research capability that meets the demands of the project: he must have Ph.D degree or be associate professor or professor, have appropriate research results published in ISI-covered journals in the period of 5 years prior to the application submission date
The publications on ISI-covered journals can be looked up by year, at the time of publication of the work.
Reference of publications can be found at:
SCI  journals list
SCIE  journals list

-must not violate the criteria to register as princiapl investigator: Principal investigator of funded project that is evaluated as not-passed or ceased research contract cannot register to lead a research project in 24 months from the date of result announcement.
b. Members of research team: have expertise and ability appropriate to the project content; participating research students must have thesis suitable to the project content

4. Funding Procedure:

  • Receive applications: 5/2013
  • Review and classify application: 5/2013
  • Evaluate and select application: 6/2013 – 9/2013
  • Announce selected proposals: 9/2013
  • Complete the application and sign contract: 11/2013
  • Award grant: 12/2013

5. Grant application

Online applications (through OMS at consists of:

  1. Application form (in Vietnamese and English)
  2. Research proposal (in Vietnamese and English)
  3. Curriculum vitae of Principal Investigator and team members (in Vietnamese and English)
  4. Proof of research results (at least 01 ISI publication of PI within the last 5 years). For the research students participating in the project, the PI must submit the Attestation of the research students.

Application on paper:

  1. Application form printed from OMS attested by the host/sponsor organization
  2. Research proposal (in Vietnamese and English) printed from OMS attested by the host/sponsor organization
  3. Curriculum vitae of Principal Investigator and team members (in Vietnamese and English) printed from OMS attested by the host/sponsor organization
  4. Proof of research results and the Attestation of the research students (01 copy).

6. Application deadline: from 8h30 on Aprin 8 2013 to 17h00 on May 8 2013
7. Application should be sent to:

Administrative Department
National Foundation for Science and Technology Development
4th floor, 39 Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

8. Remarks:

  • Application must be completed in accordance with the provisions of the NAFOSTED  and the forms attached. Incomplete application will not be taken into consideration. Application sent after the deadline will be considered for the next round of selection according to the call for proposals of the Foundation.
  • Online application will be used in the evaluation and selection process. Applications not in OMS will not be accepted. Please read the OMS User Guide at:
  • In 2013, it is expected to have foreign experts evaluate the proposals based on the applications in English
  • Scientists currently being PIs of funded projects that ends before January 2014 can apply new proposals to this call. The contract signing with new projects can only be made ​​when previous projects have been finalized and marked as “passed” before January 2014.
  • The valid host/sponsor organization must be a scientific and technological organization with independent legal status, have its own seal and account at the State’s treasury.
  • Vietnamese participant working abroad for over 6 months is credited for maximum 3 working months of that same year.