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Call for Basic Research Proposals in Social Science and Humanities in 2012

The National Foundation for Science and Technology Development announces the call for proposals in social science and humanities. Applications must be received at the latest at 16h30 on September 14 2012, applications received after this date will be considered in the next term.

1. Objectives:

  • Build a durable, innovative and conducive environment to social sciences and humanities research activities at universities and institutes
  • Improve the research capacity of young scientists and establish research centers that meet international standards and develop high-quality human resources in social sciences and humanities
  • Enhance the quality of scientific research and increase the number of Vietnamese research published in ISI-covered journals.

2. Scope of funding:

Basic research in the field of Philosophy, Religiology, Sociology and Politics; Economics; Law; History, Archeology and Ethnology; International and Area Studies; Psychology and Pedagogy; Literature and Linguistics; Cultural studies, Art, Journalism, Media and Communication.

3. Eligibility of applicants:

Scientists, from universities, research institutions of science and technology in Viet Nam, who meet all the requirements according to Nafosted’s Regulations of implementation of basic research in social sciences and humanities, attached to Decision No 3/QD-HDQLQ dated on 8 April, 2010 of the Board of Trustees.

4. Grant application:

4.1: Application:
a. Application form
b. Research proposal
c. Curriculum vitae of project principal investigator and members
d. Proofs of research achievements: Three (03) publications in national scientific journals and one (01) monograph or one (01) publication in ISI-covered journals of the principal investigator
4.2. Remarks:
Hard copy: 03 copies of research proposal in Vietnamese (01 original version certified by the leading organization) and 01 copy  in  English
– Electronic copy:  use Online Management System – OMS to create and submit the application or store application in CD (file .doc, Times New Roman 13pts)
– Supported documents (not bound with the application form, research proposal, CV) includes: 1 monograph or article, 2 copies of the cover of the monograph or journal that show the author name, title, publish year, publisher.
– The PI should complete the document checklist before submitting the application
4.3. Deadline and Contact Information:

  1. Application reception: From 08h30 on 14/8/2012 to 16h30 on 14/9/2012.
  2. Send applications to:
    Executive Office
    National Foundation for Science and Technology Developmen
    38 Ngo Quyen, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. Tel: (04) 39367750
  3. Granty procedure:
    – Review and classify application: 15/9/2012 to 30/9/2012
    – Evaluate and select application:  01/10/2012 to 15/11/2012
    – Announce selected projects:  16/11/2012 to 15/12/2012
    – Complete and sign contract: 16/12/2012 to 15/01/2013
    – Disburse grant:  01/2013