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Call for Proposals of Loan Program starting in 2013

The NAFOSTED is receiving applications for the loan program applicable to organizations of science and technology, businesses and individuals to execute projects that apply research results and emerging technology, which serve social, economic development.

1. Objectives: 
To provide financial support (interest-free or low interest loans) for organizations of science and technology, businesses and individuals to execute projects that apply research achievements, new and emerging technology, which serve the improvement of quality, production efficiency , social and economic growth
2. Eligibility
All organizations of science and technology, businesses that operate under Vietnamese law and individuals who invest in projects on application of research and technology achievement
3. Scope:
  • Projects that apply domestic research and development results, priority given to high technology, green technology and technology that creates highly competitive products.
  • Maximum loan allowed is 70% of the total amount of investment in the project and must not exceed 10 billion VND
  • Lending period : no more than 36 months
4. Loan application:
Loan application includes:
  1. Loan application form
  2. Project proposal approved by authorities
  3. Certificate of business registration; or scientific and technological activities registration; or legal documents about the establishment of the entity (certified copy)
  4. Financial reports of the last 2 years
  5. Loan guarantee document
  6. Business plan and repayment plan
  7. Applicant’s information form
  8. Appointment decision and certified ID copy of the representative
  9. Related documents (if any)
Before submitting the application, the applicant should fill in the document checklist and place the documents in order as in “Guide of loan application”.
  • An qualified application should  have all information filled and must be submitted to the NAFOSTED under 02 formats: hard copy (with the applicant’s signature, title and seal); electronic copy (word file (font Times New Roman, 12pts, Unicode) stored in CD, DVD, USB key)
  • Details about the loan application, objectives, requirements and procedures are stated in “Regulations on the loan program of the National Foundation of Science and Technology Development”,  promulgated with the Decision number 28/QD-HDQLQ on October 15 2011 of the Chairman of the Foundation’s  Board of Trustees
5. Application submission:
  • Deadline  for submission of application is at the latest at 16.30 on January 15th, 2013. Application sent after the deadline will be processed in the next selection term.
  • Before submitting the application, the project manager must fill in the application checklist (02 copies) to confirm the application’s content and submission.
6. Application should be sent to:
Administrative Department
National Foundation for Science and Technology Development
5th floor, 38 Ngo Quyen, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Tel: (04) 393677507.

7. Procedure:

  • Classification of application, eligibility and legality check: expected 3 weeks
  • Preliminary appraisal in coordination with Bank: scheduled for 3 weeks, excluding theLunar New Year holiday period
  • Detailed appraisal in coordination with Bank: expected 4 weeks
  • Meetings of the appraisal committee, the actual appraisal and loan approval: expected 4weeks
  • Completion of dossier,  transaction collateral, contract and implementation: projects expected to start from May 2013