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List of first round approval of “Basic research projects in Natural Science starting in 2012”

On Sept. 24 2012, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees approved for the first round the List of 202 basic research projects in Natural Science to receive funding since 2012 ((Decision 33/QD-HDQLQ). List of projects by subjects are as below (full list in vietnamese only):

STT Subjects Number of funded projects
(First round)
1 Mathematics 8
2 Computer Science & Information Technology 20
3 Physics 50
4 Chemistry 44
5 Earth Sciences 13
6 Life Sciences 46
7 Mechanics 21

The Executive Office shall review the funding to be given to projects on the list above (expected from 25/9 to 15/10). After the funding budget is approved by the Chairman, the Principle Investigators will be informed to edit the proposals and sign the contract.
Final list of approved projects will include all projects that are funded by the Foundation since 2009, 2010. Approval process will depend on the progress of implementation and finalization, expected to be done from now until the end of 2012.