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Projects under the NAFOSTED – DFG bilateral cooperation program funded in 2023

According to the Decision No. 24/QD-HDQL-NAFOSTED dated in July 25th 2023, one project under the NAFOSTED – DFG bilateral cooperation program has been approved to be funded in 2023.

The list of funded projects can be found here.

The NAFOSTED Executive Office is processing for the approval of the fund for this project and will soon inform the Principal Investigator and Host Institution. Time to sign the funded contract is expected in September 2023 ./.

In 2022, the NAFOSTED – DFG bilateral cooperation program received 15 applications which were prepared and proposed by Vietnamese and  German research teams. The content of the proposals spans several different disciplines such as: Physics, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, and Sociology.

Applications for the bilateral program NAFOSTED – DFG are seperately  evaluated by both parties. From November to May 2023, the proposals were eligibility checked by NAFOSTED and DFG, sent to external reviewers and evaluated by scientific committees. The funded projects must be approved by both NAFOSTED and DFG.