In order for business to achieve innovative technology, improve product quality and production effectiveness, on September 18 1999, the Government of Vietnam issued the decree 119/1999/NĐ-CP that set the policies and financial mechanism to support enterprises to invest in scientific and technological activities. The Enterprise Support Program covers no more than 30% of the project expenses for enterprises to perform scientific and technological tasks in line with the State’s priority scientific and technological directions.


All enterprises of all economic sectors operating under Vietnamese laws

II. Scope of funding

The Government encourages enterprises to conduct research in the following priority scientific and technological fields:
  • Research into the creation of new products for export or used as substitutes for imported new materials, precious and rare materials, materials with special properties
  • Research into the creation of new bio-technologies to produce plant varieties and animal breeds, medicinal drugs for human being, domestic animals and crops, which are of high quality, international standards and high economic efficiency
  • Research into the creation of advanced technological lines and technologies for manufacturing components and parts with high technical content
  • Research into the creation of production technologies with the consumption of less fuels, raw materials and materials than the existing technologies
  • Research into technology(ies) for treating pollution and protecting the environment, and technologies for treating and processing solid, liquid and gaseous waste

III. Type of funding

  • Maximum financial support: no more than 30% of the project expenses
  • Funding method: Grants provided on the basis of the result following the rate of progress, content and approved funding (enterprises pay all expenses before receiving Nafosted’s committed funding)

IV. Application

  • Application form
  • Research proposal
  • Scientic CVs of the project leader and main participating members
  • Certificate of business registration
  • Legal documents proving the ability to raise capital for the research project
  • Report of business operation and results in 2 consecutive years and plan of the following year
  • Certified document of cooperation with scientific and technological organizations (if applicable)
  • Other supported documents

V. Deadline and procedures: will be announced on the website of NAFOSTED

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