Scientific Committees

Scientific Committees:

1. Under the proposal of the Foundation’s director, the Chairman of Board of Trustees decides to establish the Scientific Committees in order to:

  • determine the direction of  basic research as prioritized by the Foundation;
  • select projects to provide funding;
  • evaluate the results of the performance of funded projects;
  • other matters related to the Foundation’s operation.

2. Each Scientific Committee consists of at least five members, with one president, vice-president and secretary who are permanent members.

3. The permanent members have a working mandate of three years and cannot participate for more than two consecutive terms. Other members are invited depending on the needs of the projects.

4. List of Scientific Committes in Natural Science (by decree number 77/QD-HDQL-NAFOSTED, 29/12/2022 on the creation of Scientific Committees in Natural Science)

5. List of Scientific Committees in Social Sciences and Humanities (by decision number 27/QD-HDQL-NAFOSTED on the creation of Scientific Committees in Social Sciences and Humanitites)


1. Vietnamese or international scientists:

  • have expertise and qualifications (PhD., entitled professor or associated professor) related to the content of the projects under evaluation;
  • have excellenet reserach results in the last 5 years, i.e international publications. Special cases will be decided by the Board of Trustees’ Chairman;
  • participate with responsibility, honesty and objectivity, do not have any authority or interest concerning the projects under evaluation, or other reasons that may affect the objectivity of the selection.

2. The reviewers are assigned to and responsible of the project evaluation and advice to the Foundation.

3. Reviewers, who are foreigners or Vietnamese residing abroad, are invited to become independent reviewers or to participate in Scientific Committees  The Scientific Committees introduce and propose to the Foundation foreign reviewers or Vietnamese residing abroad who have appropriate expertise and qualifications The Foundation encourages foreign or overseas Vietnamese reviewers  to contribute to its operations.