Online Management System

Link to OMS for basic research projects in Natural Sciences and Engineering:

Link to OMS for basic research projects in Social Sciences and Society:

The online management system allows applicants to register, submit application, update personal information, revise the project’s information and submit reports.  Please check the FAQ for answers to the problems when using OMS; if more information is required, please send email to for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I have access to OMS without creating an account?

No, you can’t. The OMS is intended to applicants to register their application for the funding programs of Nafosted, update personal information, revise the project’s information and submit their report. Therefore, users must create an account in order to access the system.
2. How can I register on OMS?
In order to open an account on OMS, you can click on “Create a new account” and register your information. If all information is valid, you will receive an activation email and click on the link to activate your account.
3. I already have an OMS account but I don’t remember the registered email  and my password. Do I have to create a new account?
No. In the system, each account is associated to specific projects (participated and criticized projects…). Thus, if you create a new account, the information of the projects that you’ve criticized is not registered. In this case, it is recommended that you write an email to, specify your name, organization and telephone number. The IT team will then verify the information and send you your account information.
4. I have an OMS account but don’t remember the password, how can I log in to my account?
You can go to “Forgot Password”, enter required information and click “Submit”. An email with an automated password will be sent to your inbox. After logging in to your account using the new password, you can change it in the “Change Password” section.
5. I’m a member of a funded project and have read the announcement to submit report on the Foundation’s website. Why have I yet to see the function to submit report in OMS?
The functions in OMS depend on the title of each member. Only the Principal Investigator has the right to add/modify/delete the project report during a specific period of time. Hence, if you’re a member of a project, you can only read its report, but if you’re the Principal Investigator, you can add/modify/delete its report.
6. I’m the Principal Investigator of a funded project and using the report function. However, I can’t click “Send to NAFOSTED”. Why does this happen?
The “Send to NAFOSTED” button is only activated when all required fields (marked up *) are filled. If you can’t click this button, it means that you should check to fill all required information. After the report is sent to NAFOSTED, no further modification can be made. Please carefully review the information before submitting the report.