Basic research

Grant program for basic research in social sciences and humanities

The National Foundation for Science and Technology Development funds for basic research in social sciences and humanities, including the following areas: Philosophy, Religiology, Sociology and Politics; Economics; Law; History, Archeology and Ethnology; International and Area Studies; Psychology and Pedagogy; Literature and Linguistics; Cultural studies, Art, Journalism, Media and Communication.

Grant program for basic research in natural sciences

The National Foundation for Science and Technology Development funds basic research and research supporting activities in natural sciences of the following areas: mathematics; physical sciences and astronomy; chemistry; computer sciences; mechanics; life sciences; earth sciences and interdisciplinary sciences.


  • Creating a favorable research environment in order to promote basic scientific research in S&T organizations in Vietnam.
  • Enhancing research capacity, creating strong research teams; and contributing to the training of high-level S&T human resources.


  • Quantity and impacts of international publications from the funded research projects.
  • Quantity and time of young scientists participating in the research.
  • Postgraduate training.


  • Project description (scientific value and feasibility).
  • Research capacity (research team and principal investigator).
  • Expected outcomes (scientific products, research team development and postgraduate training).

Basic Research – Natural Sciences & Engneering

Basic Research – Social Science & Humanites

  • Regulations on the program execution and application forms: Circular 37/2014/TT-BKHCN.
  • Time for application submission: Basic research programs in Social Sciences & Humanities: March and September; Basic research programs in Natural Sciences & Engineering: June and December.
  • Guidance for preparation and submission of applications: according to NAFOSTED’ announcement on website: