Announcement on Funding for 2014

The National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED) would like to announce: At the moment, additional funding of the year 2014 has been transferred from the Ministry of Finance to NAFOSTED. Hence, NAFOSTED will start providing grants of the year 2014 for science and technology project funded by NAFOSTED. Time for grant providing: from September 3rd to September 30th, 2014 Qualified projects: – Basic research in natural sciences funded from 2009 to 2013 (Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, […]

Announcement on funding for basic researches in natural sciences in 2014

Under the framework of funding for basic researches in natural sciences program and according to the regulation on implementation of basic research themes in natural sciences funded by the National Foundation for Sciences and Technology Development (NAFOSTED) (issued together with Decision No. 03/QD-HDQLQ 24/12/2008 by NAFOSTED’s Management Board), NAFOSTED makes the announcement for funding plans in 2014. 1. Objectives: Facilitating and building favorable, continuous, and inheritable research environment to promote scientific research activities in science and technology organizations of Vietnam. Developing […]

Vietnam-Belgium mixed council meeting held to select bilateral co-operation themes between the two countries in 2013

The bilateral co-operation program signed by Vietnam’s National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED) and Belgium’s Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) was divided into two phases. The first phase was implemented in the period of 2009-2012 while the second one will be carried out in the period of 2013-2016.     In the first phase of 2009-2912, the two foundations agreed to co-finance 13 subjects, including 12 subjects in the field of natural sciences and 01 subjects in the field […]

Announcement on submitting reports in the field of social science

According to regulations on implemeting basic researches in the field of social sciences and humanities, funded by the National Foundation for Technology and Science Development (NAFOSTED), the foundation suggests heads of approved themes in collaboration with organisations to submit mid-term report on their progress and results of the themes. The report aims to provide a basis for the foundation in the next round to fund the approved themes which were launched since 2011 and 2012. The periodical projects’ reports including report on research results and report on […]

Ta Quang Buu Award in 2013

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) on November30th 2013 held a press meeting to introduce Ta Quang Buu Award in 2013. Attendees at the meeting were Tran Viet Thanh, MOST’s deputy minister cum head of the award’s organizing board, Mr Do Tien Dung, director of the National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED) – the standing committee of the prize and members of the organizing board as well as prestigious scientists at universities, institutes and research institutions. The […]

2nd Announcement of the “List of approved basic research projects in Natural Science to be funded by NAFOSTED from 2013″

On April 16 2013, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the NAFOSTED has approved the list of 40 basic research projects in the natural sciences to be funded  from 2013 (Decision No. 14/QD-HDQLQ). The Executive Office will review the budget of the projects on the list above (expected to be in May 2013). After the approval of the funding by the Chairman, the Executive Office will notify the Principal Investigators to complete and edit their proposals and to […]

Call for Proposals of Bilateral Scientific Research Cooperation Projects between FWO (Flanders) and NAFOSTED (Vietnam) in 2013

1. Introduction Science is increasingly global. Many research questions and “grand challenges” cannot be resolved without cross-border collaboration between scientists. Vietnam and Flanders wish to invest in joint research projects, creating a leverage for scientific excellence. This intention will be realized through the implementation of a call for proposals, to be launched jointly in Vietnam and Flanders. Each proposal should contain a Vietnamese and a Flemish part. The Vietnamese part will be peer reviewed and funded by NAFOSTED according to […]

Call for basic research propopsals in natural science in 2013

Within the framework of the Grant Program of Basic Research in Natural Science, the National Foundation for Science and Technology Development announces the funding plan for 2013. 1. Objectives: Build a durable, innovative and conducive environment to natural science research activities at universities and institutes Improve the research capacity of young scientists and establish research centers that meet international standards and develop high-quality human resources in natural science Enhance the quality of scientific research and increase the number of Vietnamese […]

Call for Proposals of Loan Program starting in 2013

The NAFOSTED is receiving applications for the loan program applicable to organizations of science and technology, businesses and individuals to execute projects that apply research results and emerging technology, which serve social, economic development. 1. Objectives:  To provide financial support (interest-free or low interest loans) for organizations of science and technology, businesses and individuals to execute projects that apply research achievements, new and emerging technology, which serve the improvement of quality, production efficiency , social and economic growth 2. Eligibility […]

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