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Nguyen Hai Ke – outstanding scientist and dedicated teacher has passed away

Associate Professor, PhD. Nguyen Hai Ke – Dean of Faculty of History at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University, Hanoi has passed away after more than 10 days of hospitalization, leaving his grieving family, friends, colleagues and students. Faculty of History and the University of Social Sciences and Humanities has lost a wise scientist, a devoted manager; his students have lost a teacher with dignity who can give unique and interesting lectures about the history and culture of Vietnam; his colleagues has lost a condescending and devoted friend; the society has lost a dedicated, enthusiastic and full of love man to the end of this life.
Nguyen Hai Ke was born in 1954 in Hai Phong. He has worked at the Faculty of History (VNU) from 1975 to the present. He completed his Ph.D. in 1992,  Doctor of Science in 1996 and was awarded the title of Associate Professor in 2002.
Nguyen Hai Ke is Dean of History Faculty (University of Humanities and Social Sciences – VNU) for the mandate from 2009 to 2014.
He is the author of many books and famous publications in history science. The fields of research and teaching of PhD. Nguyen Hai Ke is: Red River Delta village and commune (economic, cultural, social structure); Exposure and Cultural Exchange in Vietnam; History of education and training in Vietnam; Against foreign aggression during the cultural history of Vietnam. He is also known to many generations of students of his role as advisor to the television program “Follow the history” of the Vietnam Television and other programs to propagate common knowledge about history.
Nguyen Hai Ke is a member of the interdisciplinar Scientific Committee of  NAFOSTED in Culture, Arts, Journalism-Media and Communications from 2010 to the present. During his time being a member, he always proved responsibility and enthusiasm in his consulting works, evaluation and selection of basic research projects of the Foundation.