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Guidance for organizations needing approval for bidding plan

Host institutions, organizations and individuals signed funding contract with National Foundation for Science and Technology Development and are preparing to buy equipments and materials (value of at least 100 millions vnd), according to Law on Bidding No. 43/2013/QH13 dated on 26 November 2013, when submitting application to NAFOSTED for approval of bidding plan, need to have all necessary documents including:

  • Request document form 01 (document form for approval of contractor selection attached) of Circular 10/2015/BKHDT dated on 26 October 2015 by the Ministry of Planning and Investment and Circular 11/2015/BKHDT dated on 27 October 2015 by the Ministry of Planning and Investment;
  • List of materials, equipments requested to buy as approved in the research proposal;
  • Three price quotes according to Article 11 of Circular 58/2016/TT-BTC dated on 29 March 2016 on detailed plan for selection of contractors for each bidding package (Prices of necessary items from at least 03 different providers in the area to be the basis to identify the package value; in the case there is less than 03 providers in the area, other providers from other area could be taken into consideration to ensure the total number of 03 price quotes).